3 Ways to Layer Up This Season

No matter where you are you’ve been feeling the effects of this year’s blizzering wind chill.  It’s technically not even winter yet and we are already layering up.   Of course its a task having to manage looking cute all the while making sure you’re warm.  ABFB has solved your “what to wear this winter” questions by showing you 3 of our fashion favs from our fashion editor @Abspeti.  View below and comment  your favorite look.


The Best Color Mascaras for Vibrant Colorful Lashes

If your been beauty routine includes black or brown mascara, then there’s no time like the present to switch it up. Step out of your comfort zone and try our ABFB Beauty Favs’ trend, color mascara.  Perfect for making a bold statement and eye contact with vibrant colorful lashes.  Check out a few of recommended brands below.

NYX $7



YSL  $29