Great Skincare Starts at the Foundation with Vera Cosmectics

If you’ve never been introduced to Vera Cosmetics, consider yourself late to the party.  Before the oversaturation of beauty brands, Vera Cosmetics was and is the go-to cosmetic company for natural beauty.  With an accomplished resume and many awards, Vera Cosmetics provides quality skincare products for men and woman as well as an array of great makeup, lipsticks and more.  For the woman looking to enhance not to cover her natural beauty, we recommend trying Vera Cosmetics.  Shop 



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 @Kentoure’s Top Rated Beauty Products For Fall

                                                     Lip Fetish Lip Balm                                                                

The famous Master Makeup Artist has done it again. Pat Mcgrath recently launched her new feather-light weight lip balm that glides on the lips smoothly.   Lip Fetish is infused with emollient, antioxidant and vitamins to help restore elasticity. The texture is sheer with a tint of color. These balms also hydrate the lips preventing them from dry chapped lips. These Lip Fetishes were a go to for  NYFW.   For more information on these great products and more Check her website

   Mothership V Bronze Seduction Palette

10 shades of warm multidimensional eyeshadow palettes that have pure intensifying colors.These colors are perfect and  pigmented that 1 stroke will give you exactly what you need with less fall out. The creamy soft textures makes it very easy to blend. This luxury palette will have you feeling like you’re on the runway. You can purchase at Sephora or



                                                              Danessa Myrick Vision Cream

Vision Cream Cover is a mixture of foundations and concealers that helps minimize texture. With this high pigmented product, your skin still will look flawless! For those customers with hyper-pigmentation and discoloration Vision Cream contains Vitamin E which is perfect for discoloration and healing. There are 26 foundation shades in this liquid foundation perfect for color matching every skin tone.  Purchase here



Fenty Glow Bomb  and Diamond Bomb

Attention! All ladies this is a must-have in your beauty kit.  The new Fenty Glow Bomb. It contains shea butter that keeps the lips moisturized and conditioned. There are 2 shades that Rihanna hand-picked herself.  Diamond Milk is transparent and sparkly. and Fenty Glos is rose gold.  Both glosses provide intensifying shimmery glitter and shine. Although the glosses are super shiny it does not leave you with a sticky feel unlike other brands. What I love about this product it has a vanilla scent that makes you fall in love even more! Rihanna designed these Gloss Bombs to bring out the shine in you!

Visit any Sephora to test or purchase. If you like shopping online you can purchase at or



Diamond Bomb

Last but not least! Fenty’s new Diamond bomb.  How many of you can agree with me that Rihanna taking over the beauty world? She also released her new highlighter Diamond Bomb that literally will have you shining like bright like a diamond. It has a 3D formula that will have your face and body looking you’ve been sprinkled with small pieces of Mariah Carey’s glitter diamonds. Yes! I said face and body. It’s safe for the body also.  Use a moisturizer or oil before applying the Diamond Bomb. Be very careful when applying because you will be taking yourself to the pawnshop. I just have to say Great Job Rhianna

Now available at your nearest Sephora or online at




When applying Matte Lipstick incorrectly your lips can become dry and flaky resulting in cracking painful lips.  Not a pretty sight! If you are a fan of the matte lip and want a long lasting lip for any occasion, check out these products to add to your beauty regime to achieving smooth kissable lips 🙂
STEP 1. Exfoliate-  Exfoliating removes the dead skin that causes flakiness. By gently buffing your lips in a circular motion it will help smooth as well as hydrate your lips at the same time. Once you finish exfoliating, rinse off with water and pat dry with a clean napkin or towel. TADA!  New gorgeous looking lips! Told ya so! Looking for a great exfoliator check out my favs below and check out STEP 2. 


After you finish exfoliating it’s time to condition and moisturize your lips.
STEP 2: Conditioning-  By locking in moisture, it will allow the lip pencil and lipstick to glide on easier.  Here are my favorite lip balms and moisturizers I recommend to have.

This is my favorite part of achieving a gorgeous lip.
Step 3: Lining the Lips: By using a lip liner you can enhance the shape of your lips. This trick is perfect for those wanting fuller or an illusion of even lips.
TIP:  Outlining the lips makes it easier to keep the lipstick inside the line. It is a  must-have.

Now it’s time for Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick. Matte Lipstick is still a trend every since it hit the market it has no sign of going away anytime soon.  The texture and color is long lasting and perfect for weddings, photoshoots and waterproof. Following my lip care regime will definitely  make your matte lips last longer!  



Pajama Party with Africa’s Best

The mission is to maintain healthy hair and protection throughout the day and night.  You should sleep better knowing your hair products have you covered.
With Africa’s Best you can rest assure that caring for your gorgeous hair will never keep you up at night.  Gather up your girls and celebrate life, love and great hair.

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“No Color Block On Beauty, No Limitations On Healthy Hair

Feel free to be yourself without a block on the parts that make up your beauty.

4C or 3A curls have no color blocks and you shouldn’t either. Healthy Hair is key and your curl pattern makes you who you are.  Be bold, courageous and fun! No blocks. No Limitations.

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Makeup: @Kentoure

Hair: @Andybuckmire

Stylist: @abspetit

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We wanted to promote the girl who can be herself with her own individual style.  Klondike Blonde is the new age of being an “It” girl. She’s goofy, talented, funny and happy. She is redefining what it is to truly be comfortable being you.  Her music is for that girl who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. If you’ve been following Klondike on her social accounts, you’ve definitely spotted her signature sporty look in sweatpants and tracksuits.  Find out more about Klondike Blonde below.

ABFB: “On Instagram, you seem like so much fun, are you always the life of the party?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “I try to always uplift the spirits of everyone around me “

ABFB: “After following you for a while, Your style seems to be a cross between tomboy and a magic fairy, what are you trying to communicate in your personal style?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “That FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is okay wear whatever you want”
ABFB:  “So why the name ‘Klondike’?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “It was actually very random, I was uploading my first song, didn’t want to put my real name, so my friend blurted out “you should be Klondike Blonde!” So ever since then it just stuck with me.”

ABFB: “Who does Klondike make music for?”
KLONDIKE BAR: “Happy heartbroken girls.”
ABFB: “How has your life influenced your music?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “My life has been filled with ups and downs, I try to take negativity and make it into something positive. That’s why I say the most negative shit in a very positive way in my music”

ABFB: “Are you a Rapper? Singer?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “I’d just consider myself an artist.”
ABFB: “Who’d you like to collaborate with Musically?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “I’ve been wanting to work this Kodak since forever “
ABFB: “What advice do you have for up and coming artists or those starting out?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “Stay consistent never take no for an answer and don’t be afraid to take a risk”
ABFB: “Where is Klondike headed with her music?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “I am making a lot of different types of music that everyone can relate to.”
ABFB: “How soon can we expect an album?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “Within the next 365 days for sure”



Model @klondikeblonde

Makeup: @Kentoure

Hair: @kelliej

Stylist: @abspetit

Photo: @tiara_marei

The Best Color Mascaras for Vibrant Colorful Lashes

If your been beauty routine includes black or brown mascara, then there’s no time like the present to switch it up. Step out of your comfort zone and try our ABFB Beauty Favs’ trend, color mascara.  Perfect for making a bold statement and eye contact with vibrant colorful lashes.  Check out a few of recommended brands below.

NYX $7



YSL  $29

She Wore A Textured Crown Skin Kissed By The Sun

To describe a sunkissed woman, would be describing the earth’s elements. She is the dirt that grows nourishment and the wind that chills a hot summer day. The water that sustains life, and the very same valleys that carry them. She is the sun fueling itself.


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