Fashion Month Round Up,

Fashion weeks are over and with New York, Paris, London and Milan rolling out the latest collections of your favorite designers it’s easy to get lost or miss the best of the best. ABFB has you covered. We asked some of our favorite stylists to give us a recap of their favorite looks from fashion month. Check it out below!





Rockin’ & Rollin’ to Africa’s Best

Africa’s Best gives us a new reason to rock and roll with another line of all new product.  Roll & Rock those natural tresses with the latest product line from Africa’s Best. Perfect for natural hair and bouncy curls. Glide into a world of healthy, moisturized hair with the name you know and love.

Models: @houseofdyve @ohemjee_jo

Makeup: @Kentoure

Hair: @Gabriellewhite

Stylist: @abspetit

Photo: @tiara_marei

“No Color Block On Beauty, No Limitations On Healthy Hair

Feel free to be yourself without a block on the parts that make up your beauty.

4C or 3A curls have no color blocks and you shouldn’t either. Healthy Hair is key and your curl pattern makes you who you are.  Be bold, courageous and fun! No blocks. No Limitations.

Models @sunnysidedown @kyliejordan

Makeup: @Kentoure

Hair: @Andybuckmire

Stylist: @abspetit

Photo: @tiara_marei



We wanted to promote the girl who can be herself with her own individual style.  Klondike Blonde is the new age of being an “It” girl. She’s goofy, talented, funny and happy. She is redefining what it is to truly be comfortable being you.  Her music is for that girl who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. If you’ve been following Klondike on her social accounts, you’ve definitely spotted her signature sporty look in sweatpants and tracksuits.  Find out more about Klondike Blonde below.

ABFB: “On Instagram, you seem like so much fun, are you always the life of the party?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “I try to always uplift the spirits of everyone around me “

ABFB: “After following you for a while, Your style seems to be a cross between tomboy and a magic fairy, what are you trying to communicate in your personal style?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “That FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is okay wear whatever you want”
ABFB:  “So why the name ‘Klondike’?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “It was actually very random, I was uploading my first song, didn’t want to put my real name, so my friend blurted out “you should be Klondike Blonde!” So ever since then it just stuck with me.”

ABFB: “Who does Klondike make music for?”
KLONDIKE BAR: “Happy heartbroken girls.”
ABFB: “How has your life influenced your music?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “My life has been filled with ups and downs, I try to take negativity and make it into something positive. That’s why I say the most negative shit in a very positive way in my music”

ABFB: “Are you a Rapper? Singer?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “I’d just consider myself an artist.”
ABFB: “Who’d you like to collaborate with Musically?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “I’ve been wanting to work this Kodak since forever “
ABFB: “What advice do you have for up and coming artists or those starting out?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “Stay consistent never take no for an answer and don’t be afraid to take a risk”
ABFB: “Where is Klondike headed with her music?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “I am making a lot of different types of music that everyone can relate to.”
ABFB: “How soon can we expect an album?”
KLONDIKE BLONDE: “Within the next 365 days for sure”



Model @klondikeblonde

Makeup: @Kentoure

Hair: @kelliej

Stylist: @abspetit

Photo: @tiara_marei

5 looks to try this fall

We want you to try 5 new looks this fall. As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe. This season, we encourage you to experiment with prints, textures, hemlines and utilitarian trousers. Do you have any of these items in your closet?
Statement Trench Coats
1. Statement trench coats should be a staple piece in your closet this season for numerous reasons. It’s an easy upgrade to any basic outfit and a great layer to the creative canvas beneath. When sporting your coat in jeans and a T-shirt, whether you decide to wear boots or Adidas, your coat’s hemline creates a beautiful contrast of print and texture on the legs. Bold your basic!
Oversize sweaters
2. It’s a top, it’s a dress, it’s the oversized sweater. This sweater has got to be the most transitional basic to have this season. You can tuck it in a pair of wide leg jeans, layered atop a pair of leather skinnies, or worn solo with a pair of woolly socks in combat boots. Sweater ideas can be a bold color like yellow or orange with extended options in texture such as sequins or fur.
Reptile Ankle Boots
3. Once the temperature starts to cool down, your shoe options slowly become limited. For those of you going out for food and drink but don’t want to subject yourself to sandal or pump styles, can opt for a reptile print bootie. It’s a pretty neutral print with a statement all it’s own. Pair this classic print with an all black look composed of a long sleeve turtleneck, tucked into faded black palazzo jeans. You can either make this shoe the center of attention, or an added bonus to a flawless look.
The Power Blazer
4. It’s in the name, ladies & gentleman. This jacket either makes you look like the CEO or a Vogue cover story. In both scenarios, you win. Once you’ve nabbed the perfect jacket for you, you can dress it up or down in various ways. Start off earlier in the day running errands in a graphic T-shirt tucked underneath. Then switch it up, and head into the office with a light wool sweater after lunch. Later on, you can catch up with the team for dinner sporting the same blazer layered on top of a silk camisole for a softer touch.
Cargo pants
5. Cargo pants are great because they are practical and functional. They eradicate the need for a handbag which makes you handsfree. (For coffee) But seriously, cargo pants are statements and can pump up the basics in your closet. A suggested look would be a white oxford shirt, tucked into your cargos with a leather belt, knotted at the waist to create shape. Have your sleeves rolled up 3/4, and finish off the look with a pair of black leather peep toe booties to tie it all together.
By Abs Petit

She Wore A Textured Crown Skin Kissed By The Sun

To describe a sunkissed woman, would be describing the earth’s elements. She is the dirt that grows nourishment and the wind that chills a hot summer day. The water that sustains life, and the very same valleys that carry them. She is the sun fueling itself.


  • HAIR @andybuckmire