Designer, Abs Petit, Gets Real About Her Latest Collection


  It’s been 3 months in the making, but “Lady In Red” the 2019 Spring collection is finally out. We sat down with our Fashion Editor, Abs Petit for a look inside her debut collection with custom brand, P67.
1. What was your inspiration for “Lady In Red’?
– I was inspired by the women who are way too busy living their life to be bothered by the opinions of others. And because she is this way, she easily has a target on her back. She’s ‘marked’ by whatever society wants to label her as.
2. Do you have a favorite piece?
– They’re like my kids, I can’t pick. But If i had to pick one for free bottomless mimosa’s for life, I’d pick the Anessa Dress. You know which one. She’s the only one with her ass cheeks out.
3. What were you going through when you were putting the collection together?
– Being broke. And it was something to keep my mind off my looming depression. It was like ‘I am really sad about life right now. Let me just rip this apart and patch it onto this’. It was indirectly how I felt about myself. Taking things I wish I could cut out about myself and put it somewhere else.
4. Were there times you wanted to give up?
– Surprisingly, no. And I say that because as a Gemini, it’s hard for me to start something and finish it through. I have a variety of unfinished projects lying around. I lose interest or it gets tiresome. Not to mention my attention span is shorter than edges.
– With this project, I wanted so badly for something to cling onto other than my negative thoughts, I nurtured it until it made me feel better.
5. Is there any samples that didn’t make it into the final collection?
– Lol. 3. I tried a dress concept 3 different times, and I loss interest midway. They remain unfinished.
6. Who can you see wearing the pieces in the collection? Any celebrities?
– Mainly my friends. They inspire me with their own interpretation of sexy. I have a friend of mine who is a model. Tico. She’s a closet nudist and so comfortable in her skin. She definitely inspired the Anessa Dress.  Celebrities? Hmm, Zendaya, Tracy Ellis, Issa Rae…
7. How has the collection been received?
– My close friends and family are happy enough with me finishing it, so they were even more ecstatic when they saw the completed look book. When I finish a project, I give it a kiss farewell and release it into the universe. What or who it meets along it’s journey is for whoever needs to inspired by it. As far as strangers on the internet? Some have shared congratulations, but I wouldn’t know. Instagram algorithms are trash.

  We spoke more about other things and trailed off into conversations about work. But before we ended our interview, I asked Abs if she had started on the next collection already. She say’s she’s not sure if it will be packaged as a collection but more 1/1  samples will be coming out in collaboration with the brand, P67.

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